Mcount by W5USJ

The Jackson Harbor Mcount CW Frequency Counter w/Prescaler Assembled and Tested
Custom Built — one at a time — by: W5USJ

NOTE: 1 Jan '08: All MCounts are sold. Thanks to all, it's been a fun project.

Produced as a service for those who would like a low budget frequency counter and circumstances don't allow DIY.

Ordering and Documentation
Price change due to parts, supplies and shipping cost increases.

The custom Mcount by W5USJ is $55 shipped to any USPS address in the 50 states

By PayPal: Send me an email that you are paying by PayPal. Be sure your shipping information is included.
PayPal Cash Account Only — Sorry No CCs — CCs will be REFUSED
Then use my PayPal address below to send the funds Note: The ISP domain is 9plus i.e., name at 9plus dot net.

By Mail: Send your shipping information and a check or money order for $55.00 — made out to:
Chuck Carpenter
290 Rs County Road 4254
Point, TX 75472

Documentation: Visit and download from the Jackson Harbor website Jackson Harbor Mcount
PDF, MSWord v6 and Text versions of the Mcount manual are available. Click the version on the next line:

Mcount Manual PDF — Mcount Manual MSWordv6 — Mcount Manual Text File
Links to MP3 Audio version of the manual in the table at the bottom of this page.

For more information
Contact Me: w5usj at arrl dot net
Paypal: w5usjqrp at 9plus dot net

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Mcount Pictures, Features, Schematic and Menu Quick Reference Chart are shown below

The Jackson Harbor Mcount by W5USJ

Mcount by W5USJ

Mcount by W5USJ Dimensions and Features
Battery Not Included

Mcount by W5USJ is assembled in a strong Hammond ABS enclosure (1593PGY)
• The enclosure measures about 2-3/4 in. wide by 1-1/8 in. high and 3-1/2 in. long
• The front panel with controls is about 2-3/8 by 7/8 in.
• A 9 Volt battery compartment with snap/slide cover is at the bottom back
• An access hole for a battery adapter cable is provided on the back left corner of the enclosure
• Battery adapters are easily made from the connector top of dead batteries. One good one to use is the 9 Volt Energizer
Panel Controls From the Left Side
• Power switch, on in the up position
• Middle lower is the RCA jack for either of the switch selectable normal 50 MHz input or the prescaler 500 MHz input
• Note that some banana plugs will fit into the RCA jack — useful as a connection point for a wire antenna
• Middle upper, selector switch for the two inputs — the lever swings horizontally, 50 on left, 500 on right
• Far right, pushbutton for operation and programming
Additional Features
• Extra loud speaker used in place of piezo buzzer
• Series Schottky diode for reverse voltage protection.
• RCA plug (unshielded) supplied

Mcount by W5USJ Inside View

Mcount Inside View

Mcount by W5USJ Schematic

Mcount by W5USJ Schematic

Mcount by W5USJ Quick Reference Chart (Cheat Sheet)
Refer to the JH documentation for detailed information

Switch Menu Item Default Option
L (Long gate time) N (oN) F (oFf) sets the gate time to .1 second
S (Speed set) 15 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 5, 7, 10, 13, wpm
P (Prescale "display" option) F (oFf) N (oN) turns on the prescale "display"
SS (Set Sidetone) 440 Hz 247 to 1046 Hz in 16 steps
DL (Display Low order digit) 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1
DH (Display High order digit) 8 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 8
CN (Cut Number option) F (oFf) N (oN) turns on the cut number play
CA (CAlibrate counter, exit w/power off) L sent before entering loop
O (Offset mode) F (oFf) P, M, B, F
I HM (If set, Hundred Megahertz digit) 0 0 - 9
TM (Ten Megahertz digit set) 0 0 - 9
M (Megahertz digit set) 9 0 - 9
HK (Hundred Kilohertz digit set) 0 0 - 9
TK (Ten Kilohertz digit set) 0 0 - 9
K (Kilohertz digit set) 0 0 - 9
H (Hundred hertz digit set) 5 0 - 9
T (Ten hertz digit set) 4 0 - 9

Mcount MP3 Audio in 9 Parts
Complete Mcount Manual in MP3 Audio Format. Parts 4, 5, 6 and 9 Contain Operating Info.

MP3 Part 1 MP3 Part 2 MP3 Part 3
MP3 Part 4 MP3 Part 5 MP3 Part 6
MP3 Part 7 MP3 Part 8 MP3 part 9

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