W5USJ/NorCal Keyer

The Popular NorCal Keyer Kit Assembled and Tested
Custom Built — one at a time — by: W5USJ

All keyers are sold. Thanks to all, it's been a fun project.

Produced as a service for those who would like a basic keyer and circumstances don't allow DIY.

Ordering and Documentiation

The custom W5USJ/NorCal Keyer is $32.00 plus shipping

By PayPal: Send me an email that you are paying by PayPal. Be sure your shipping information is included.
PayPal Cash Account Only — Sorry No CCs — CCs will be REFUSED
Add $2.50 for shipping — Total $34.50
Then use my PayPal address below to send the funds.

By Mail: Send your shipping information and a check or money order for
$32.00 plus $2.50 shipping — Total $34.50 — made out to:
Chuck Carpenter
290 RsCR 4254
Point, TX 75472
Documentation: Visit and download from the NorCal website — NorCal Keyer
Upgrade to the extended features and functions of the PK-4 chip – Direct Replacement — Jackson Harbor PK-4

For more information
Contact Me: w5usj at arrl dot net
Paypal: w5usjqrp at 9plus dot net

eMail Addresses

Keyer Pictures, Schematic and Programming Menu Quick Reference Chart are shown below

The complete W5USJ/NorCal Keyer
Shown with Palm Paddle

W5USJ Keyer

W5USJ Keyer Features and Dimensions
Battery Not Included

W5USJ Keyer Back

W5USJ Keyer Schematic

W5USJ Keyer Schematic

W5USJ Keyer Menu Quick Reference Chart (Cheat Sheet)
A PDF version is downloadable from the NorCal site

W5USJ Keyer Menus

2007 Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ