Bread Board 1kHz Couper 2-coil Desulfator

See Current Roth 10kHz Single Coil Desulfator on Main Page

Self-Powered 12V 1kHz Desulfator

Battery Desulfator Assembly

12V battery desulfator assembled on mint tin proto board
Note the enhanced turn off parts are on the board but unused
The output pulse is ~50uS wide and total duration is ~1mS, ~1kHz
Heatsinks were added to the TO-220 diode and FETs after this picture

12V Desulfator Schematic

Desulfator Schematic

Self-Powered 12V battery desulfator
Based on a circuit from Loring Eng. found on the web via a search

Download Desulfator PCB Drawing and LOM PDF here — Desulfator PCB Drawing and LOM

Desulfator Pulse O'scope Pickup Circuit

Desulfating pulse into battery

O'scope view of the pulse going into the battery — uncalibrated, for reference only
The toroid inductor pickup is similar in application to one used in a directional coupler
Tests so far indicate that the desulfator does not discharge the battery during desulfation

2009 Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ — Rev 27 Nov 09