Tenna Dipper

One of KD1JVís designs and sold by the 4SQRP club, the kit was built in my favorite Context box
enclosure. The on-board controls including a 10-turn 10k pot were all brought off-board for this one.

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Tenna Dipper Front A black Context box, 2506B, was used for this project. The front panel includes the 10k 10-turn pot, hi/low frequency select switch, program push button and the LED visual tuning indicator.

I scratched the front panel while drilling so itís now painted gray.
Tenna Dipper Front

Tenna Dipper Back Tenna Dipper Back External power, power on/off switch and BCN connector are included on the back panel. Also included are two jacks for external circuits. One is connected to the LED circuit collector resistor. This one is intended to provide a voltage output for an audible tuning indicator. The other could be used for an external meter such as a voltmeter or frequency meter.

Tenna Dipper Inside The lever style DIP switch used in place of the slide or rocker style allows access through a notch cut in the top cover.

The schematic below shows the connections made from the board to the enclosure panels.
Tenna Dipper Inside

Tenna Dipper in Mint Tin Tenna Dipper in Mint Tin This is the way the Tenna Dipper can be built for self-contained use. A handy way to carry it to the field. The mint tin is painted with my favorite gray.

A Whitman's Sampler tin would work too and provide a little more room.


Tenna Dipper Schematic as Built

Tenna Dipper Schematic