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Some of my favorite projects


Keyers My first modern electronic keyer kit is the Code Boy Pup. I reviewed this one in the QRP ARCI Journal. Since then I’ve built several others. The K1EL K-12 is the most recent. I like the K-12 command menu the best.


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Deluxe Keyer

Z-Match ATUs Deluxe Z-Match

Z-match antenna tuning units using designs from the notes and articles by Charlie Lofgren, W6JJZ. Rebuilt the ZM-2 with a ‘JJZ dual-tuned coil and dual Z matching links — worked much better.


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Rock-Mites HiMite-15 The super little crystal controlled transceiver from SWL and Dave Benson.

Lots of fun to build, make mods, enhancements and operate. Now incldes the new HiMite series.

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Rock Mite

Power Meters NoGaWatt Meter

Uses the NoGaWatt SWR bridge in combination with a modified Accuprobe kit.

In combination the two kits have features and functions similar to the OHR WM-2.


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Field Strength Meter Something I built to give me a visual indication of RF output on 80 through 10. Uses a dual-tuned input circuit similar to the W6JJZ z-match coils.


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Deluxe Keyer

Tenna Dipper Tenna Dipper

One of KD1JV’s, neat kits being sold by 4SQRP to support OzarkCon. It’s used to tune and find antenna resonance.


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The Tiny Tornado is a variation of the Pixie II sold as a kit thru QRPp-I. It includes plated through holes on a two-sided PCB. TT is a close to minimal CW transceiver for any 1 band, 80 thru 10.


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Tiny Tornado

Antennas Antennas

Some VHF/UHF quads with my UHMW plastic spreader block and helicals built for 2.4 GHz. (13 cm)


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A variety of projects that get used around the shack but aren’t in any specific category. The picture here is the AADE L/C Meter IIB built from a kit. A most useful tool for the builder.


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PK DC Keyer

Basic surface mount projects using only the larger size parts for easier assembly. The picture here is the PK-DC Keyer PCB Assembly


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