Tiny Tornado

The Tiny Tornado, supplied by KA8MAV through the QRPp-I club, is a variation of the Pixie II.
You can find out more by visiting the club's Yahoo Group website. Lots of information there
about several other QRPp transceivers too. (QRPp indicates power output less than 1 Watt.)

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Tiny Tornado Op Setup Tiny Tornado v2a in an operational setup with my compact z-match *tuner* and my old (circa 1955) J-38 straight key. Only made one QSO to see that it worked. Receiver works quite well considering that there are only three active elements.

Around 175 mW power output for this setup.
Tiny Tornado Op Setup

TT in Tiny Mint Tin Tiny Tornado in Tin Mint tin package showing the key and headphone jacks mounted in the cover

Tiny Tornado Inside Inside view with the switch used to shift the crystal offset during receive. A trimmer capacitor in series with the crystal is adjusted for about 700 Hz shift. Tiny Tornado Inside

Assembled Board v2c Tiny Tornado in Tiny Tin This is the same circuit but a later revision of the PCB. Still the same small size but an improved layout. Sadly, Brice no longer has the kits available. He does supply the bare boards from time to time.

I used DIP pins here for the crystal and transistor sockets and some of the off-board connections.


Tiny Tornado Schematic

Tiny Tornado Schematic